Burmese Days

While the country has certainly been welcoming more tourists than ever, if you get out of the major cities( specifically Yangon), life goes on as it always has.  I can see big differences in some places, particularly in Bagan, but this is probably because the last time I was here was with my mother in 1985….when there were only 25,000 tourists a year!  This year there will be more than one million.  Bagan is still very much under developed, but there are nice new hotels and street lights and many more cars to say nothing of the hoards of tourists…


If you have not been yet, make your plans soon.  Burma is looking to be the next Asian star….and you will want to come before that happens.


For the first time ever, I flew into Mandalay from Bangkok, which makes lots of sense if you are planning to spend time in upper Burma, including Bagan….


Enjoy the photos.


Land of shrines, Bagan, Burma


One of thousands of temples in Bagan


Merit making by Burmese villager in Bagan


a photo with a long lost friend

Burmese puppets


U Bein Bridge (World's longest teak wood bridge), Burma


Replica of Mandalay palace, Burma

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